Thursday, December 10, 2009

Onwards To 2010

Seasons Greetings from Ribasus World!
Let’s get right to it, shall we?

All of the offers and discounts which I will be outlining are good for all of you through January 15, 2010… an extended year end special. Since you may not see these offers reflected in the shop announcements, save this post!

At Foret…emporium of the unique, where you will find artisan jewelry and accessories, there will be Free US Shipping, all purchases over $50 will be automatically insured, and expedited Priority shipping on request to get your treasures to you for gift giving.

Please use the CONVO option to both let me know it is you and to list your selections. I will send you back Reserved For links with the shipping charges removed.

As for you international customers, I would like to offer Free basic shipping. As you know, all of the international basic shipping waives insurance. If you wish to insure and send Priority, I will split the difference with you!
In the spirit of really moving some merchandise, I am open to discounting large orders at Foret. Just ask me!

OK! Moving on to ForetTwo…extraordinary vintage and supplies.
Many of you may have noticed that I never have sales or discounts at F2. I am making an exception for you exclusive mailing list customers and followers of this blog. Note: this will not be announced in the shop, so you have to tell me who you are and CONVO me with the tag line: Blog Discount.

There will be a 15% discount on all orders over $25.00. Send me a list of what you want, and I will make Reserved For links with the corrected price. I will also do my best to correct the shipping prices downwards. How’s that for an offer!
I am also willing to work with you international buyers to split up your orders into two or more shipments so that you don’t get socked with taxes. As you know, all international shipments have a customs tag with the honest value on it. If you wish to insure your international purchase, we can work something out.

At DivineDesign…a metaphysical mercantile, all purchases of merchandise come with a complimentary natal astrology chart! If you have never had your horoscope calculated, then this is the time. Or, you can have a family member or friend’s chart made.

As exclusive customers, there is a 10% discount available on merchandise purchases at DivineDesign as well. All you need to do is to CONVO me and let me know who you are and what you would like to purchase.

I will be listing more ELEMENTALZ soon, so watch for them!

So, there you have it. Your special discounts and perks which are available to you through January 15, 2010. Let’s make a run on Foret, ForetTwo, and DivineDesign to fulfill your wish lists and gift giving desires!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


JEWELRY BY SOLANGE AND BEADIEANDTHINGS have been kind enough to sponsor a beautifully presented blog feature about my three Etsy shops and me, plus a giveaway which you can enter!

Please go here right now and start clicking on things:

Enter and win a pair of ruby and amber earrings. I have gone a bit ruby crazy lately. Above is a picture of one of my listings at ForetTwo...nice juicy 10mm microfaceted RUBIES!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

WEEKEND DEALS: September 25-27 2009

JETSALE : WEEKEND DEALS 25 - 27 September 2009

The Jewelry on Etsy Team is being featured in the Weekend Deals! Please search ‘jetsale’ for items which have our team tag. Also, please include the coupon code ‘Weekend Deals’ when you place your order!

Here are my shops and deals. Please read the shop announcements:

Divine Design:
FREE Astrological chart with all purchases
Buy Three/Get One FREE in the Earring Section (refund on lowest $ of the three thru PayPal)
15% off on all items in the Pendant Section (refund thru PayPal)


Thursday, September 17, 2009

SALE is extended through September!

The 'exclusive customer' sale is extended through the month of September. Just have a look at the previous posting for details!

Plus, the Jewelry on Etsy Team will be featured in the Weekend Deals from September 25-27. All of my shops will be participating with the same offer which you see here.

Come on! Follow me and scarf the exclusive customer discounts.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Time!

Can you believe it is already September? The summer was eventful enough, and yet it sped by. There were so many powerful astrological and astronomical events... and there is always more! This autumn will prove to be every bit as interesting and illuminating for all of us.
SO... as you can see from the sale announcement, I now have three shops on Etsy. There is a method to my madness! Now, the variety of offering from Foret are somewhat categorized into: artisan jewelry and accessories, vintage and supplies, and all things metaphysical! Worry not. I have you covered!
For the next couple of weeks, I am offering my mailing list and subscribers (even NEW subscribers) some very special discounts and perks. Although it might take a few CONVO's, you may combine offers from all three shops*. Let's see how bright we can be!!!
*does not include Astrology listings at Divine Design as they are already at a rock bottom price
Please always CONVO first to let me know who you are. Put "Exclusive Customer" in the subject line. Then, we will take it from there, OK... let's get started!
- at Foret....emporium of the unique
BOGO through September 15th- purchase one/receive 50% off on second item of equal or less listed price (remember, you can combine with the other shops) PLUS for lot purchases of four or more items from this shop only, your entire order will be a flat 40% off... great for you people who love to give gifts of jewelry
- at Foret Two...extraordinary vintage and supplies
15% discount on all purchases over $30.00 (total before discount)...Here's where this one gets good. If you combine this with the BOGO from Foret, a qualifying item would be 65% off!!!!
- at Divine Design... a metaphysical mercantile
Free natal astrological chart with every purchase. This is also good with combined purchases from Foret.
THERE YOU HAVE IT! Use your extra large brains now and design yourself a fantastic deal! And, please feel free to make a suggestion if I have left anything out!
Blessings from Elizabeth

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother Earth Sale at Foret

Hello Happy Mailing List Members and whomever else wanders in!

I am kicking off a SALE on EARTH DAY which runs through Mother's Day, May 10th. Seems appropriate to honor the Great Mother this way! Here is the sale section link: There are discounts to 40% in there!

You may ask for a 20% discount on all other items except for the Astrology section. CONVO with your selection and apply this thinking to the following-

You have your choice of perks this time:

1- you can ask for Free Shipping (domestic US only, please)... good if you are merely purchasing one item

~ OR ~

2- a BOGO offer: purchase one item at posted price (the 20% off does not apply here) and all subsequent items will be 50% off no matter if they are on sale or not! Half price will apply to the least expensive items. There is no limit. You must CONVO first with your selections and allow me to adjust the prices as well as the shipping. I will send you a "Reserved For" link with all of your selections in one listing and the prices itemized in a separate CONVO.

So, come on over and do some retail therapy while you shop for MOM!

The mini you see to the right includes some of the fabulous items in the SPRING SALE section!


If you prefer to shop at ForetTwo...extraordinary vintage and supplies

Please CONVO for Free Domestic Shipping on all purchases of $15.00 up.