Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leap To Show Your Faith

I am really feeling this photograph. Faith has been the focus of my curiousity lately. I still do not have it worked out, but it goes something like this:
Thoughts are what bring the world to you. Faith is intimately involved in the action which makes those thought borne things REAL.

I'm working on it...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free The Peeps

This is a tough season for peeps everywhere, so I decided to stage a catch and release. You would not believe how hard they were to find! Peeps are in short supply at 3 in the afternoon the day before Easter. I finally found some among the pillaged shelves of a local CVS. It was a sad sight, indeed, as they were in the company of giant shattered chocolate bunnies for whom there would be no salvation. Alas, I kept to my mission.

As soon as we were out the door, we headed up Camino de las Crucitas to the former site of Refrigerator Henge (more on that at a later date). This is a high place with 360 degree views and lots of junipers and low bushes for the peeps to seek cover.

At first, the peeps were hesitant to explore and looked at me quizzically.

But then, they began to pull apart from the safety of the peep pod and hop around in the junipers. Only one of them got hung up on a high pointy branch and decided to just stay put while the nesting pair and a single male stayed close together. I was feeling mighty confident about this release program until I heard a terrible screech from above.

My enthusiasm and the joyful peeps had caused me to forget about the pterodactyls which live in the mountains overlooking Santa Fe.

As you can see, one of the peeps paid the ultimate price. If you magnify the picture, you can see that he stood tall and took it like a peep.

Undaunted and down two peeps, they headed out into the bush. The nesting pair found their dream home. But one decided to head back.

Larry. Larry the Peep.

He stopped to say farewell to the peep who was now adhered to the juniper bush. Prefering not to be photographed, the most philosophical of the five, he felt it was his fate. Oddly, his name happened to be Socrates.

Larry took one last look and blew kisses to his friends from the mirror of my magic driving machine.

Larry desired the home life. So, he came with me, watching the passing scenery with excitement as we made our way to my home.

Larry enters in.

After scoping the place out, Larry finds the ideal perch.

And so, that is the saga of the release program. The life of Larry the Peep is the only one we will be able to track.

The life of a peep is a rare and refreshing insight into the real meaning of 'law of the jungle'... or in this case, desert... as well as the old saw: no good deed goes unpunished.


Let's end with a pretty picture:

Have a wonderful Easter.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Who Rocks?

Here. Listen to this while I figure out what to write about next. Full moon madness is at its peak of crunchy goodness.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birth of An Old World

Those of you who are privy to the goings on in Ribasus World have gotten major ear massages about the untimely and bizarre demise of my constant companion: a little 5.1 megapixel Olympus digital camera. The picture to the left is the last one taken with DCV1 (Digital Camera Volume 1). This camera took a hit for me! It gets all honors and a proper burial. A moment of silence, please.

OK. That's enough.

It is the first day of Spring, and I have a replacement camera as of noon today. It is an exact replica of the one which martyred itself by leaping off a chair and faceplanting on its lens. Ouch! I am more of a find-a-winner-and-stick-with-it person than most people would ever suspect. An intrepid and experimental cook, I always have the same thing when I go out to eat. No expensive and disruptive surprises for me! NNnnnooOOOOOooooo. I did get brand new camera immediately, since I cannot function without one. But, it just didn't do it for me. Why? It was too fussy, and it was unfamiliar. Plus, it did not like the color red and that was a dealbreaker. If I am going to dive into a steep learning curve, I am going to get into some seriously deep and wide waters... the waters of high end digital SLR's. I can do that now and at my leisure, and the right one will present itself in due course.

The journey of utter stress that being sans camera buddy for an entire week and a day provided for me was to see how deeply my creative process is invested with my tools. When the camera committed hari kari, I felt as though I had lost a colleague. I thought of all the good times... the magazine work, the photoshoots, the stills of my work, the portraits... all things which were way WAY beyond the capabilities of a point-and-shoot and yet, this little camera was able to produce professional results. I realized that I had a glass and metal appendage which I was dependant upon for a daily outlet of creativity. That's heavy.

Simplistic Spiritual Insight of the Day:
So, you see, there is really no such thing as channeling. It is all about partnership between you and other-than-you. Whether it is a camera or a conceptualization of Great Spirit, it is still the same partnership... and that is how we define our reality.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tabula Rasa

It is 4:38PM Mountain Daylight Time, and this blog is brand new...untouched by human hands. It is the epitome of the blank slate, even to the color.

But Ribasus World is a very colorful place...full of surprises and unique things and thoughts. This is a free zone!

We can talk about anything here. I only ask that if you move the furniture so you can dance, that you put it back when you are finished. And, please, no fires and no cruelty.

This is also a venue for my online business endeavors. This is a way to reach out with my art and my love of service.

There is so much! And, there is always more.

Next time, pictures and links.