Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tabula Rasa

It is 4:38PM Mountain Daylight Time, and this blog is brand new...untouched by human hands. It is the epitome of the blank slate, even to the color.

But Ribasus World is a very colorful place...full of surprises and unique things and thoughts. This is a free zone!

We can talk about anything here. I only ask that if you move the furniture so you can dance, that you put it back when you are finished. And, please, no fires and no cruelty.

This is also a venue for my online business endeavors. This is a way to reach out with my art and my love of service.

There is so much! And, there is always more.

Next time, pictures and links.

1 comment:

SilverShadow Designs / BerryPatchDesigns said...

Good way to start! Like your humor, too.