Monday, May 5, 2008


Caught (but not maimed) by Javin the Cat, escaped indoors only to be chased by Javin’s human, forced by panic and survival instincts to navigate the circuitous and dusty catacombs of the heating ducts to the second floor world of Ribasus…

Now that alone would be more than sufficient trauma and excitement in the life of a young mouse. But, there’s always more, isn’t there?

Emerging from the heating vent and concealed behind the curtains, our hero was intrepid enough to climb further and view his new world from atop the curtain rod. Alas, there was no escape route above. Suddenly, another human appeared causing a mad scramble down miles upon miles of curtain and a fearless dive into the plants. Whew!

And then, a week of exploration and new snacks. Wow. The human’s loud food storing units were a treasure trove, but that noise and heat increased the element of danger. There was even a pond, sometimes two ponds. If it wasn’t for that pan that shifted and made a clattering sound… It was then that The Mouse Called Peter Griffin got his name, as his fat behind was nearly stuck in the crack between the counter and the stove, back legs peddling like a cartoon mouse and that human, the Ribasus, collapsing with laughter.

Then came the demands. Rent? Groceries? An otherwise very reasonable unmouse, Ribasus would not be shifted as to PG’s making a meaningful contribution to the household. It seems that the entertainment factor was not enough, and Peter Griffin quickly used up all his best material… A silvery house appeared on the kitchen counter late one night, filled with a rare delicacy: cashew butter on a rice cake.

As soon as the lights were out, just like a trained mouse, Peter Griffin went into the silvery house to dine and parts of the roof came down! The house then became airborne and a new environment, somewhat familiar, was presented. Trapped but able to eat himself into a stupor, the night outside in the cool breezes didn’t seem so bad. And the next day, there was more flying, then a ride in a house on wheels with MUSIC playing.

Finally, in the unforgiving light of day with the winds howling, the silvery house flew to the ground. The collapsed roofing rose to reveal not one, but two doorways. Taking a deep breath and giving a farewell glance at the mountain of leftovers, The Mouse Called Peter Griffin made a run for the nearest clump of grasses where he huddled until night fell hundreds of hours later.

It may have been Peter Griffin’s destiny to escape death by cat, face hardships which would have stopped the heart of a lesser mouse, and eventually be transported to a new world. In mouse reality, this was a miracle. For Ribasus, it was second nature to make sure Peter Griffin was given a chance to live. It makes one want to ponder the nature of miracles as well as destiny.

Everything under the Sun seems to have a freedom and randomness about it as mysterious as the appearance of a miracle. Yet everything which happens in the course of a life has this solidity and undeniable quality to it which we call fate. Once made manifest in this particular reality, it cannot be undone. But where do these events come from? And what is doing the steering?

This is the last known location of The Mouse Named Peter Griffin..... but we did hear something yesterday over near the bookcase.


UniqueNurseGranny said...

What a wonderful and well written story.I became an avid fan..

aleta said...

Like i said before - what a great story!! Nice to meet you & someday i will have you do my chart.